Who's Wally?
Owner Britt Culver lives in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, and people often refer to it as "Wally-hood". Plus, her black and tan long-haired dachshund growing up was named Wall-e, and the partial namesake of the business.

Where do you walk?
Wally Walk currently walks in Wallingford, Fremont, Ballard, Crown Hill, Queen Anne, University District, SLU, Cap Hill, and the Central District. But, we are always expanding; just let us know your location and we will let you know if it's on our route. 

Who will be walking my dog?
We strive to always have the same walker service your pup for all visits. However, stuff happens - and sometimes a back-up walker will take care of your pet for the day. We will always let you know if that is the case prior to the visit, and will confirm with you during the meet & greet that this is suitable for your pup. 

Do you only do dog walks?
No! We also do house-sitting for both cats and dogs, and will board the best behaved pups in our local residences. You can check out our services here - and if you need something you don't see, just shoot us a message with details. It's likely we can do it! 

Can you do two walks in one day?
Yes! We do it often, especially for older and younger dogs who don't have the biggest & best bladders around.

Do you like cats?
We LOVE cats. Like, really, really love cats. We don't get to see them that often since dog-walking is our bread & butter. You can check-out our cat-sitting service description under "WALK" - Puppy, Old-timer, & Cat check-ins on our Services page.

Are you insured?
Yes, all of our dog walkers are insured through Pet Sitter Associates.

Are you hiring?
Always! Send us a note with some deets about yourself & pet experience and we will be in-touch.