Owner Britt Culver & her 'nephew' John Jameson (JJ). 

Owner Britt Culver & her 'nephew' John Jameson (JJ). 

Britt Culver grew up in the Seattle-area in a house full of animals. Dachshunds, Shar-Peis, Greyhounds, and Shelties were in her pack. As a 16th birthday present she received her furry best friend, a Maine-Coon & Ragdoll cat named Feeohnah. Fee passed in April of 2017 and there was a hole in Britt's heart.

With an empty house, and an itch to get out of her corporate life, Britt started dog-walking professionally and Wally Walk was born!

Britt usually describes her boston-terrier nephew JJ as the 'love her life' (don't tell her partner, Kirk!) and has been known to cross streets and freeways to say hello to a Boston. 

When she isn't out walking dogs, Britt loves cooking, hiking, and taking naps. She's currently training to climb Rainier in July 2018.

Drop her a line anytime at: britt@wallywalk.com