Owner Britt Culver & her 'nephew' John Jameson (JJ). 

Owner Britt Culver & her 'nephew' John Jameson (JJ). 

Britt Culver grew up in the Seattle-area in a house full of animals. Dachshunds, Shar-Peis, Greyhounds, and Shelties were in her pack. As a 16th birthday present she received her furry best friend, a Maine-Coon & Ragdoll cat named Feeohnah. Fee passed in April of 2017 and there was a hole in Britt's heart.

With an empty house, and an itch to get out of her corporate life, Britt started dog-walking professionally and Wally Walk was born!

Britt usually describes her boston-terrier nephew JJ as the 'love her life' (don't tell her partner, Kirk!) and has been known to cross streets and freeways to say hello to a Boston. 

When she isn't out walking dogs, Britt loves cooking, hiking, and taking naps. She currently splits her time between Seattle & Wenatchee as she continues to grow her passion for animal care.

Drop her a line anytime at: britt@wallywalk.com

Wally Walker Nicole with client Baloo

Wally Walker Nicole with client Baloo

Nicole Harris still calls Phoenix home, but decided to make her way back to the PNW to be with family earlier this year! She has had a myriad of pets: A Manx named sassy, a parakeet named Tweety, a dachshund named Spuds, two rottweilers named Roxy and Rex, and an English mastiff named Diesel. She currently calls a sweet calico kitty, Amelia, her best fur-pal.

Nicole has enjoyed moving back to the city; exploring & learning all of the best dog walking routes - and the best restaurants and bars to frequent after the dog-walking is done. She is available for day-time dog walks, and overnights in your home to care for your pet. 

When Nicole isn't being our full-time Wally Walker, she enjoys working out, hiking, practicing yoga, playing video games, and living up to her instagram handle @nerdgirlgainz.

You can email Nicole anytime at : woof@wallywalk.com